Caring For Your Phalaenopsis


Phalaenopsis orchids like a bright light, they do best in an east, west or shaded south window.  Your orchid should not have direct sunlight during th noon hours.  You can place your orchid under two 40 watt bulbs to increase the light exposure during low nature light months.


Orchids like to have 70-85 degrees during the day and 60-65 degrees at night.  This is very important to encourage re-flowering  (During very cold winter months be careful of the temperature near the window.)


Your orchid plant likes to dry out between watering  Water your orchid thoroughly over a sink and allow to drain completely.  Water once moss has dried out on the top.  Watering once a week should be ideal.  Room temperature water is best for plants, cold water or ice cube is not recommended. 


Phalaenopsis like humidity.  You can increase the humidity by placing your orchid on a tray of marbles, pebbles or gems and filling it with water. As the water evaporates it will increase the humidity around your plant. 


Fertilize your orchids every time when you water using our "Orchid Pro" food. (This is strongly suggested)

But If you are using regular fertilizer,  then do not fertilize when flowers are in bloom.a good balance would be 10-10-10, 12-12-12, or 20-20-20.  If the fertilizer is too strong this will cause blooms to drop too quickly and hurt the plant.  A healthy plant will hold a bloom for at least 2 months depends on their condition. 


Your orchid will only need to have moss changed every tow years.  The potting medium should be an indicator of deeding new moss.  If the potting medium has stared to breakdown or has lost its color, change is necessary.  It is not necessary to repot if roots are exposed; this is just an indication of a healthy plant.  It is not recommended to repot plant in a container larger than 6".  When repotting, cut any black roots you may see. 

Ensure moss is thoroughly wet before repotting, but not driping.  After repotting, do not water for one week.